Let’s make the Woo about You.
Lived experiences finally having a seat at the table.


Civic Engagement:

In the last municipal election, only 17% of registered voters in Worcester voted. Increasing voter participation is a top priority to the campaign. Securing a seat on the council alone is not a victory; ensuring that thousands more are energized and exercise their right to vote is essential to creating proper representation in our government. I am committed to reaching out to new voters from all parts of Worcester and all age groups. 

Our campaign will:
  • Increase Voter Registration
  • Promote Voter Education Tools 
  • Increase GOTV efforts 

Small Business Forward: 

Small businesses are the fuel to our city; ensuring small business owners feel heard will be a major commitment from our campaign. Worcester is full of an array of small businesses throughout the city, many of them owned by residents, including BIPOC and Immigrant, owned businesses. 

Our campaign will: 
  • Use social media to promote #SmallBusinessFridays and partner with small businesses every Friday to elevate their services. 
  • Host monthly virtual roundtables with small business owners to get their input on issues they’re facing. 
  • Commit to meeting with a new small business every week to ensure maximum visibility between campaign and business owners.


On March 5, 2021, Former Mayor Raymond V. Mariano put it best: Invisible City Council Needs New Members. I couldn’t agree more. I am committed to being a visible member of the community utilizing my platform to elevate council issues, community concerns, and connecting with the elected officials outside of Worcester. 

Our campaign will: 
  • Utilize social media as a standard resource for resident’s needs and concerns. 
  • Promote and participate in community events that aim for further inclusivity in our city. 
  • Frequently be available to residents not just in-person but through digital avenues to accommodate our new normal.